For Excellent Care and Support
For Excellent Care and Support
Blessings Healthcare Services Limited
Blessings Healthcare Services Limited

What our customers say about us

Here`s what people are saying about Blessings Healthcare Services Limited.

"Quote from Mr DHL"

Mr. DH  Lawrence wrote, "I am 84 years of age have been unable to walk since, 2007. Cares attend to my daily needs, transfering me to a commode by means of a standing hoist, to wash me and change my incontinence pads, then returning me to the reclinig chair to give  me breakfast, and later on lunch and an evening meal. My main, carer has been, David of Blessings Healthcare Services Limited, who has looked after me in a manner which cannot be faulted. I always felt completely confident in all that he did to make me comfortiable, and my respect for him very soon developed into a feeling of close personal friendship. David has done much for me to ensure that my declining years are made more bearable, for which I am sincerely very grateful."

"Quote from Mrs JP"

Mrs. JP wrote, "Very professional carers. Always attentive to my mother's needs."

Quote from PI whose father Blessings Care for"

Mrs. PI wrote, "Lovely to know we have carers who care; it makes a difference to someone who is trying one's best to remain independent."

"Quote from Ms LS"

Ms. LS wrote, "Excellent carers and well trained. God gave me a miracle when He gave me Blessings. To all at Blessings, thank you"

"Quote from Mr DGP"

Mr. DGP wrote, "Your carers are obviously carefully chosen and their pleasant personalities make their visits something I look forward to on otherwise quite lonely days"

"Quote from MS whose mum we provide care services to"

Mr. MS wrote, "I truly value the help and support Blessings provide. They keep me informed of my mother's care plan. I would definitely recommend Blessings to my friends and to anyone requiring care services from a very good company"

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